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Our scenic tour is all about exploring the path less taken. Our unique routes offer a great viewpoint to nature. This trip is an ideal trip for those who prefer a true authentic kayak tour that will take you on a journey through a remote habitat teeming with coastal birds at every corner. It is an easy enough trip for a beginner, yet interactive enough to appease the more experienced kayaker. Our scenic tour will guide you through a maze of narrow creeks with surprises pretty much at every bend. On this tour we commonly have real close encounters with a variety of bird species such as: Great Blue Heron, Great Egret, Snowy Egret, Green Heron, Clapper Rails, Oyster Catchers, Black Skimmers, and so many more. If you aren’t sure what all these birds are, don’t worry! Our guides are very knowledgeable and can help spot and identify them with you. This trip is an excellent way to take a break from the mundane beach days while on vacation and J & L Kayak has just the right set up to make this trip a big hit with our guest!



What makes our scenic kayak tour different? Well, aside from the top quality gear that we use on all of our guided tours, our scenic ventures off in its own direction. While other kayak tour services will paddle you through a staple route that takes you deeper in to developed areas, our tour heads out away from the suburban sounds of civilization. We have been offering guided kayak tours in North Myrtle Beach longer than any other company and have the most experience knowing how to offer the best experience! Our scenic tour offers a short break on a panoramic corner of Waties Island where you will have great photo opportunities, a short walk along the shore, or a refreshing swim in safe calm waters. We schedule this tour at just the right times of day to work perfectly with tides to allow for the most exploration giving you the best experience around when it comes to kayaking in our local waters.

Thinking about booking this tour? Our Backwater Scenic tour is eligible for our family discount kayak tour! If you have 4 or more kayakers in your group you can get 15% off! That’s only $29.75 for Adult and only $25.50 for kids 12 and under. Use discount code: “save15%” when checking out online. Our Scenic Kayak Tour last approximately 2 hours and is a fun, engaging, authentic kayak experience great for all ages.


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