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Waties Island Kayak Adventure Tour

Waties Island Kayak Tour- J & L Kayaks, North Myrtle Beach
Waties Island Kayak Tour

J & L Kayaking offers a variety of kayak tours in North Myrtle Beach. One of our most popular trips is a relaxing easy paddle out to Waties Island. This is a perfect option for all skill levels and requires no previous kayak experience. This tour is timed with the tides to allow an easy paddle/float with the current both to the island and back from the island. Our guides are highly trained and skilled in providing instruction and helpful tips along the way. It takes approximately 45 minutes to reach the landing destination on Waties Island where you will have plenty of time to relax on the beach, take a swim, or look for some treasured rewards along the remote beach front of the island. Since we schedule these tours to coincide with the tides; while your busy creating memorable stories, the tide will have come and gone. What this means? You will have an easy paddle with current both going to the island, and returning from the island! That’s right, we make it that easy!



Keyhole Sand Dollar on Waties Island

Waties Island is the Northern most barrier island in South Carolina and is located just outside of the North Myrtle Beach City Limits. As one of South Carolina’s last remaining undeveloped islands, it boast 3 miles of natural beach and over 1400 acres of natural habitat. The isolated beach provides the perfect nesting grounds for a variety of coastal bird species, horseshoe crabs, sand dollars and loggerhead sea turtles. Walking the island often times produces great rewards. We commonly find Sand Dollars, Knobbed Whelks, Sea Urchins, large Atlantic Cockles, and other unique shells while exploring the islands beach. In the summer months, it is common to find fresh sea turtle crawls where they made their way to the dunes the night before to lay on average 90-100 eggs! Inland on the island there is a wide variety of land animals that call it home. Although not commonly seen, there is an abundance of Deer, Hog, Fox, Raccoon, and other land animals that live in the thick forested land of the inner part of Waties Island. A kayak tour to Waties Island always delivers! With 1400 acres of natural habitat, this island boast panoramic views, great shelling, swimming, and total relaxation for our guest.

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